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William T. Dauer, M.D.

Principal Investigator

Other appointments: 

Elinor Levine Professor of Neurology (

Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology (

Director, Movement Disorders Group (

Director, Udall Center of Excellence for Parkinson Disease Research (

Member of Neuroscience and Cell and Molecular Biology graduate programs

Chun-Chi (Richard) Liang, Ph.D.

Research assistant professor

Research interests:

Molecular mechanisms of DYT1 and DYT6 pathogenesis


Samuel Pappas, Ph.D.

research investigator

Research Interests:

Cholinergic dysfunction in DYT1 dystonia


Dhananjay Yellajoshyula, Ph.D.

research investigator

Research Interests:

Function and dysfunction of THAP1 protein; identification of THAP1 transcriptional targets and biological pathways

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Sumin kim

Graduate student, cellular and molecular biology

Research Interests:

Nuclear pore complexes in DYT1 dystonia

Krista kernodle

graduate student, neuroscience

Research Interests:

Physiological basis of DYT1 dystonia

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Jay Li

mstp student

Research Interests:

Cholinergic dysfunction in DYT1 dystonia

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Stephanie mrowczynski

lab technician

Research Interests:

DYT1 dystonia-dependent metabolism

Former members

Lauren R. Kett

Lauren M. Tanabe

Jamie A. Johansen

Rose Goodchild

Connie Kim

Hardy Rideout

Nathan Jorgenson

Yong Peng

Corinne Weisheit